A Narnia Gift Guide: Ten Presents for the Narnia fan in your life


Shopping for the Narnia fan in your life? Browse our Narnia Gift Guide!

1. Tea kettle
A day in Narnia isn’t complete without afternoon tea, even if it means getting sold out to an evil witch.

Narnia Gift Guide 1

2. Turkish delight

You’ll need something to serve with your tea so why not go for a tin of ever-so-tempting Turkish Delight. Although, you might not want to invite Edmund.

Narnia Gift Guide 2

3. Red scarf
All the chic fauns are wearing them this season.

Narnia Gift Guide 3

4. A fur coat
Just in case of wardrobe weather!

Narnia Gift Guide 4

5. Compass
For all of those adventures.

Narnia Gift Guide 5

6. Silver polish
Gotta keep that armor looking sharp while defending Aslan

Narnia Gift Guide 6
Narnia Gift Guide 7

7. Narnia Time watch
To keep track while you’re stuck on Earth. (Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was a real thing?)

Narnia Gift Guide 8
8. Archery lessons
If you’re going to be as good as Susan, you’ll need to practice!

Narnia Gift Guide 9
9. Catnip
Even big cats love it.

Narnia Gift Guide 10
10. Any one of these books
Because, obviously.

Narnia Gift Guide 11