Frances Ellen Imagine if every person on the planet read Chronicles.....What a wonderful world it would be!
Angela Lopes I love these eyes over me. The eyes that look lovely inside me!
Brandon Demanincor Aslan is SO JESUS
Jennie Poppenger Love this!
Helen Andrewartha No better way to teach children (and maybe even adults) about Jesus, than through the character of Aslan!
Vivianny Abrantes Aslan<3
Pauline Yutzy Miller The photo is very nice and intriguing. I think it is because of Aslan's eyes look like they can see right thru you. Just like Jesus looks at us and knows our every need.
Sara Fraser Awwww Aslan: miss u. <3
Mats Verbeeck LOL NARNIA !
Maria Morón NICE PHOTO
Maribel Garza More movies please!!!!
Lisa Conner One of the best movies ever!!
Bia Lua mas a cada ano que você crescer, você vai encontrar-me maior
StellaAnn Amos Like every year you grow more in God, you'll find God has got bigger in you
Mats Verbeeck Love
Brisa Host Hola Que Tal???Le Dan ME GUSTA a mi pag me agregan me preguntan o me siguen en tuitter o en instagram ... GRACIAS!!!!ìChu.../285813558234665...
Rachael Russell *sigh* Aslan
Barb Kolesnik Yes, so true!
Megan Moul Spiritual Growth according to Aslan :)
Deanna Lawson -steals-
Rachael Katharine I hope I never stop growing!
Michael Paul Vastano Long Live Aslan!
Joanne Cahoon This is WONDERFUL, and I shared. Is there an option by which we could make it our own cover photo? Is that kosher? If so, how?
Frances Liu Indeed...
Magaly Alexandre Aslan te amo <3
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia22 Dec

"Our faces are only blue with cold, we're not this color really."
—The Silver Chair

Val Kelly All you lovers of Narnia, I hope you've moved on to the grown- up books of C. S. Lewis - especially at this time of the year. Mere Christianity will nudge you in the right direction. A very Merry Christmas to you all x
Dina DeMarre I can see why they skip A Boy and his Horse, but I really expected them to do The Magician's Nephew.. maybe right before The Last Battle.
Jesse L. Reyna Oh bring on "The Silver Chair" while we waiting for love to re-appear;to take us away a mighty place up there;its the One who rains on the mightier chair. He lives and breathes about true love-oh how great is our God;who has created love,the birds,and truly everything. So let's enjoy the moment now and into a New Year knowing he has created; everything;and he know all about us;and truly loves all of us;and let's bring on the Silver Chair;and have very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!
Neil Christian Mendoza It's sad to think that the pevensie siblings are no longer in the scene cause they're the characters I grown with watching the past Chronicles😔😔 but in the other side I'm happy cause New Character are going to be discovered like Jill Pole and Eustace Scrub is also part of it again I'm happy cause Three of the character in "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is part of it again....😂 so hopefully it realese soon cause ima go run to the Movie Theater and Watch it 😂😂
Christina Ventricelli Merry Christmas The Chronicles of Narnia! And Merry Christmas Narnia fans!
Terrence Harshbarger Have a Merry Christmas the Chronicles of Narnia 🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄 I have loved all of the Narnia movies 👍👏👍👏
Regina Pahati We have been waiting soooooooooooo long for the next movie... When will it come - like winter in Narnia waiting for Aslan
Jacqueline Dobson Please spell COLOUR correctly. C.S. Lewis was NOT from the USA. Born in Belfast and died in Oxford to my best knowledge. Thank you.
Catur Ariyanti I miss you ! The chronicles or Narnia :) Love you so much :)
Ariana Jones OMW the Chronicles of Narnia books are magical... * - * 😍
Jocelyn Mari Andaya I'm excited for The Silver Chair movie 🎥. I can't wait 😊 I love ❤️ all the Narnia movies.
Rajiv My all time favorite movie . . . My lifetime favorite movie is NARNIA. . . NARNIA movie will not be erased from my heart till my heart beat ends. . .
Brenda Camacho Lizama I already finished reading The Voyage and the Dawn Treader and tomorrow I start The Silver Chair.
Randy Brooks When is this movie coming out?????
Yashika Raj merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎊🎉 waiting for the silver chair movie....
Taisha Wanji these books are everything!!!! A truly amazing person wrote such masterpieces, waiting for the 4th movie like......
Lauren Henderson My favorite book in the series. 😍
Júlia Calegare Júlia esse livro 💙
Glenn Lawrence The BBC made it a while ago, along with the first 3.
Michelle Silva great phrase, Merry Christmas to everyone here
Mark Rector When is this movie coming out
Christal Beaujeaux Waiting on the new movie
Katrina Hadley Jess Barnett we're going to see this together ok?
Tiffany Wetzel please come on and make it
Angela Guzman
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia12 Dec

"It looked just as if he had been doing his Christmas shopping." —The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Ben Barton They lost me in Prince Caspian when they suddenly strayed so far from the books. Peter being a jerk in that movie went against everything that made him the High King. The romance between Susan and Caspian was also unnecessary. I heard the next movie was worse, and didn't even bother.
Stanley Tosh Yeah, I thought they were going to make all the movies of the series (7 books total). They would have done well just like Harry Potter and LOTR.
Talon Diwisch Please change your mind in The Silver Chair being a reboot!! Or at least bring back the same actors where you can and Harry-Gregson Williams as composer. People will not like if you recast.
Michael Wallace "And then Mr. Tumnus heard a nasty, horrid rumour, (the sort of rumour you might hear whispered among school children over the internet) that the Narnia franchise was to reset in the middle of the series, by people who likely know no more about Narnia than you do. He thought perhaps a new, more sober Narnia movie series was called for, but swiftly checked himself, choosing rather to be thankful to have the Lord of the Rings Kid edition of Narnia: whereas before only horrid bbc cartoons were his sole wardrobe into the land of Aslan." ~ The Lion, the Witch, and the Walden Studios
John W Kennedy The entire series started with Mr. Tumnus carrying Christmas parcels in the snow. Lewis wrote a book to go with the picture in his head (he couldn’t actually draw at all). It seems to have been his usual way of working.
Barry Thornley It is rumoured that the Silver Chair is being made. But then it's only a rumour.
Katy Doench Except that it was never Christmas, so he was probably just buying groceries...
Seth Wilda these are great movies thus far, I can't wait for the next
Naomi Weston I wish they would make the horse and his boy. The actors are probably old enough now?
Er Vikas Giri Superb movie. One of the best movie I have ever seen in my life
Mary Feuerstein Miller "Like" Rosie - we have to do this again this Christmas week!
Karlee Rae Johnston Ashlee Johnston when you realise mr Tumnus is James McAvoy
Anne Deery My favourite books when I was young, great movies too x
Vita Yoviana B. Limin I remember him.. I watched the film when I was in high school.. so in love with Aslan character ♡
Sean Dawson No he went grocery shopping but the witch charged for bags and he said "no thanks I will just carry it!"
Barry Thornley He was the Perfect Mr Tummnus
Pamela Owens I adore those stories, never tire of the films either.
Irene van Doorn Ik moet bij dhr Tumnus altijd aan jou denken Marc Vrijenhoek! Ik kan het niet uitleggen vrees ik haha
Shayla Chinyou Please posted photos of Anna, Skandar, Georgie and William of them now 😅
Barry Thornley They say Aslan is on the move.
Christian Andersen Mr. Tumnus - what a little snitch. Got what was coming to him by being turned to stone.
Timothy Choate For Narnia and for Aslan!!
Raheel Abbasi Is Narnia will come back like in the form of another movie?
Milan Pavouk Kollarčík Professor-X and his faun phase.
Steven Macias Esperando la película se que sera grandiosa😊


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