The Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia19 Apr

The Greatest Resurrections in Literature, including Aslan.

Lucy Archer Yes, but the review says Aslan sacrificed himself for Edmond, "the innocent" which of course is not the case. He and the rest of us are "the guilty".
Gabrielle Lapierre Gandalf.... not gandolf.... please.... xD
Mary Goodwin love the chronicles of narnia
Glenna F. MacDonald Hebrews 11:35 in Bible
Cherie Sands ...
Nidhi Bajpai Waiting for Narnia 4
Sahil Kumrah When 4th part is releasing?
Lionpen Publishing Who else thinks article is cool
Rakesha Nagaraj
Brandy Legg Dawson James Shannon
Patty Stewart The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is going to be on HBO tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. EST. There are several other times and dates.
Jane Weixl I am glad that at least some have made it to safety and are experiencing Spring here and in Europe. We are blessed to live in Canada.
Val Kelly Wish this was true for the poor people of Syria - for 6 long years locked into the wasteland, with no hope and no glimpse of any patches of green x
Dhanie Dharul Quthnie please...... next movie (Narnia 4) wonderfull of Narnia World / Aslan World
Barry Thornley We need Aslan to return
Khani S Silevani The fabulous movie
Linda Ve Cenani Kontol Love this:)
Panda Lee next movie please?
Frances Bee Tanner Yea Spring!
Emma Matthews I love this lovely
Cherie Sands ...
Lionpen Publishing Awesome post I <3article
Vương Hi My childhood <3 <3 <3
Geethu GeethuZz Miss u Aslan and miss u Narnia
Frances Ellen Imagine if every person on the planet read Chronicles.....What a wonderful world it would be!
Angela Lopes I love these eyes over me. The eyes that look lovely inside me!
Brandon Demanincor Aslan is SO JESUS
Jennie Poppenger Love this!
Helen Andrewartha No better way to teach children (and maybe even adults) about Jesus, than through the character of Aslan!
Pauline Yutzy Miller The photo is very nice and intriguing. I think it is because of Aslan's eyes look like they can see right thru you. Just like Jesus looks at us and knows our every need.
Vivianny Abrantes Aslan<3
StellaAnn Amos Like every year you grow more in God, you'll find God has got bigger in you
Sara Fraser Awwww Aslan: miss u. <3
Maribel Garza More movies please!!!!
Lisa Conner One of the best movies ever!!
Mats Verbeeck LOL NARNIA !
Maria Morón NICE PHOTO
Bia Lua mas a cada ano que você crescer, você vai encontrar-me maior
Mats Verbeeck Love
Brisa Host Hola Que Tal???Le Dan ME GUSTA a mi pag me agregan me preguntan o me siguen en tuitter o en instagram ... GRACIAS!!!!ìChu.../285813558234665...
Rachael Russell *sigh* Aslan
Barb Kolesnik Yes, so true!
Megan Moul Spiritual Growth according to Aslan :)
Deanna Lawson -steals-
Rachael Katharine I hope I never stop growing!
Michael Paul Vastano Long Live Aslan!
Joanne Cahoon This is WONDERFUL, and I shared. Is there an option by which we could make it our own cover photo? Is that kosher? If so, how?
Frances Liu Indeed...
Magaly Alexandre Aslan te amo <3


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NFL qb Andrew Luck is reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe w/ @ALBookClub! Join in: OfficialNarnia photo
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"For what you see & hear depends a good deal on where you are standing..." OfficialNarnia photo



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